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Management Audits

Management audit is conducted to check the performance and efficiency of the management of a company.

The scope is broad and generally includes all functions of the organization, including objectives and strategy, corporate structure, organizational planning, the budgeting process, human and financial resources management, decision making, research and development, marketing, equipment and operations, and management information systems.

Our report includes observations and recommendations to enhance the efficiency and profitability of the company.

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Internal Controls

We cover following main areas of the business while conducting Management Audits:

IT Control and Data Security

Operational inefficiencies and wastages

Planning, benchmarking- Budgets, Rolling Forecasts

Management Information System

Organisational Structure

Systems and procedures

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Resources Utilisation

How will Management Audits help my business?

Less chances of fraud

Higher efficiency in system

Timely detection of mistakes prevents occurrences of bigger losses

Independent & Unbiased reporting

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