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Navigating the complexities of financing is crucial for sustainable growth. At Achyutam International, we specialize in capital structuring, investment advisory, financial modeling, debt restructuring, and securing growth capital. Our tailored solutions empower businesses to optimize financial strategies and achieve their expansion goals efficiently.

Achyutam has strong network with Development Financial Institutions (DFI's), International Banks, ECA's and PE Funds through whom we arrange finances for our client needs.

Success of the funding is very much dependent on the bank application and its contents, we have an expertise in preparing and compiling a application meeting the norms of banks and DFI's, thus reducing the processing time to a great extent and increasing chances of winning the approval.

We also assist companies in handling the due diligence process as well as responding to the bankers query in professionally accepted way. We work from start to end of the process till funds are disbursed.

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We specialise in arranging vast range of funding for your business needs:

Term Lending for Greenfield projects and expansion

Working Capital Funds for overdrafts, factoring, etc

Private Equity for running businesses

ECA funding for imports

Buyers and suppliers credit

Pre- and Post-shipment credit

Collateral Management Arrangements for commodities in big volumes

Non-funded limits: Letter of Credit and Guarantees

Funding from Development Banks

Getting associated with Development banks is cheaper compared to the commercial banks, Development banks not only looks for providing the financial support but they work with an objective to improve the business operations, better corporate governance, energy preservation, environmental matters, social and health issues. The projects having Development banks as their partners carries a better reputation and higher brand value, the external faternity (banks, investors, soverign authorities, etc...) looks such companies with more respect and are willing to partner in growth, making it easier for divestment, expansions, new projects & cross country expansions. The process involved of getting associated with Development banks is tough as well as it is lengthy, but if handled professionally the results are definite.

Funding from ECA's

Many countries willing to promote their exports, runs program of ECA's endorsment to exporters and importers, this enables exporters or bankers to extend long term credit to the buyers, generally this funding is for tenor from 3 to 10 years and are extended in foreign currencies attracting lower and costs, also it does not count as a regular financial exposure with the Financial Institutions as it comes as Buyers or Sellers credit.

ECA's provide Medium- and long-term export credit insurance and is designed to encourage exporters by giving them competitive edge against International peers. This insurance is also calculated to support financial organizations, such as banks, to provide exporters with financing. Medium- and long-term export credit insurance is a policy insurance and helps the insured ward off payment risk through shouldering commercial and political risks as stated in the insurance policies. ECA's generally offer two major medium- and long-term export credit insurance categories.

Buyer's credit insurance program with buyer's credit financing, obligating the insurer to underwrite the default of payment by the borrower or guarantor for the loan bank. Under buyer's credit insurance program, the loan bank is insured and the insurance policy holders can be an exporter


Supplier's credit insurance program with supplier's credit financing, obligating the insurer to underwrite all of the exporter's business on contracts., or a lending bank.

Funding from International Banks

Commercial banks tends to become very comfortabe in financing the companies because of day to day transactions, which gives better insight of management and operations. The turnaround time is quicker.


However local banks have certain limitations as they are limited to finance in local currency making it expensive to raise funds, as well they face challenges on exposure cap for the Group, which generally limits large groups to expand.

Funding from Private Equity

An effective route to fund the company: PE funds tend to bring professionals on Board and Management, which adds up to fuel growth and brings better governance.

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