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Mergers & Acquisitions

A number of Buy opportunities are there in African countries in areas of Food Production and Processing, Trade & Distribution, Retail, Packaging, Mining, Metals, Hospitality, Agriculture, Textiles, Tech, etc. 

We are well connected & and can assist you in your growth plans

Achyutam International excels in Mergers & Acquisitions, offering unparalleled expertise in Strategic Synergy Creation and Acquisition Integration Solutions. Our Merger Optimization Strategies ensure seamless transitions, while our Cross-Border M&A Expertise navigates complex international deals. With a focus on Deal Structuring Innovation, we drive successful outcomes and value creation for our clients.


Our M&A services include making an evaluation of the target or the merging parties, making the valuations, co-ordinating in the due-diligence process, proposing financial & other strategic alternatives. We cover all areas of M&A for acquisition (“buy-side”) advice and sale (“sell-side”) advice.

An independent due diligence adds great value to a transaction and can be considered one of the key steps in executing a successful transaction. At Achyutam we are able to seamlessly integrate the various aspects of a due diligence, from financial, legal to taxation and information technology, allowing users to fully understand the diverse risk profile of the target in one view.

We believe a due dligence is an integral part of the transaction process. From corporate governance point of view, a due diligence conducted by an independent party is "must-have" for the board approval of a transaction.

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